Tomboy – ExportToGraph plugin

Sometime ago I did a simple “ExportToGraph” plugin for Tomboy. Actually I think that it was some of the ugliest code I ever wrote (I didn’t know C# that time. And still don’t know…). After seeing this, I tried again and now I’ve finished a much cleaner version, using a modified version of Sebastian Menge’s xslt and the “ExportToHtml” code.

Here’s a simple image from my “Start Here” page:

Start here graph
Here’s the code, dll and xsl

Update: Now it’s hosted on Google Code and available as a mono addin (new tomboy plugin scheme).

Update 2: And now a .dll is availabe (for hardy heron). Check the download page.

  1. Yeah, that rocks! Thanks Lauro!

    The ultimate would be, to click on the map and let the note open … I know SVG is capable of that, but what viewers/gtk components support that?

  2. Nice idea (And very useful) =)

    After a quick search I found rsvg-sharp, but it’s without documentation. Well, thanks God it’s open source.

    In the long run, I’m thinking about a “reverse” plugin. The user loads a dot file (created by a mind map program like Labyrinth) and the plugin creates the notes with titles and links between them.

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  4. I tried to install the plugin but could not. Is there a tutorial on how to install plugins? I really would like to use this plugin with tomboy notes.

  5. Hello. I’m curious how to install this plugin. I understood I had to place the .dll into ~/.tomboy/addins/, but when I do and restart Tomboy, it doesn’t appear in the plug-ins list. I’m using Tomboy 0.8.2 – is that not current enough?

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  7. Hi,

    I have tried to use your plugin in tomboy 0.8.0. However, tomboy 0.8.0
    does not support plugins. It only has addins. Can you please let me know
    how do I use your code in the above tomboy version?


  8. hi,

    thanks for your work & the excellent idea.

    however, when I use it the plugin/addin creates an empty (0x0px, 0byte) svg.

    did I do anything wrong?

  9. Your add in looks very interesting but I am new to Ubuntu and to Tomboy and I do not know how to install it. I have downloaded the dll but do not know how to add it to Tomboy. Are there instructions somewhere?

    Thanks for making this available, though!


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  11. How do I use ExportToGraph. Although I installed and it enabled it in addins, I don’t see any options for actually exporting anything as a graph. thanx.

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